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Are you feeling stuck, discouraged or disappointed?  Are you successful in other areas of your life but struggling with dating or relationships?  Would you like support to create and sustain a life you love with the love of your life?

Hello, I’m Dr. Wendy Lyon.  As a master relationship and life coach, psychologist, personal growth teacher, and mentor for the Relationship Coaching Institute, I provide proven programs for singles and couples that have helped thousands around the world.  I can help you shift from lonely to loved, doubtful to joyful, and from confused to crystal clear! You can live a life you love, with the love of your life!

Personalized individual, couples and group coaching programs are offered. 
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Individual Coaching

Coaching for individuals includes a personalized, guided journey of exploration, discovery, empowerment and transformation. You will have the tools and awareness to create a life you love with the love of your life!  Enjoy guidance every step of the way as you release limiting beliefs, clarify your vision, and create and implement an effective plan to attract your ideal partner.

Group Coaching Programs

Enjoy the support of a group as you gain clarity, confidence and a conscious dating plan that works for you!  Receive continued support with an Attraction Coaching Team as you implement your plan and navigate the dating world.

Couples Coaching

Customized for you whether you are a new couple deciding about your future, or a committed couple wanting relationship rescue or re-connection.  Learn how to communicate with clarity and ease, increase compassion and understanding, deepen intimacy and have more fun together!


Love Stories

“Prior to taking Dr. Wendy’s conscious dating class, I had many less than fulfilling relationships.  Wendy’s course gave me the opportunity to delve deeply into my past relationships and get clarity and vision for my life and passion, and how a relationship could support that.  At 54, I didn’t know if “it” would ever happen for me, but I’m happy to say that I am now in a conscious, loving marriage with aligned values and lifestyle, healthy communication and many fun and fulfilling times together.”

Susan S.

“Before we met with Dr. Wendy, I wasn’t feeling heard and we weren’t working together as partners.  After coaching with Wendy, we realized how much we love and treasure each other and want to build a future together. We realized that it’s more important to be close than to be right.  We are closer now.”

Nancy G.

“Dr. Wendy really helped me to identify my relationship needs and wants, and the blocks I had to finding the right partner… I got clearer on my relationship requirements, uncovered limiting beliefs, and made a plan for meeting my partner. I recently married an emotionally available man and we share something I never had before – real mature love. This course is an excellent way to get clearer on the type of relationship you want and to create a plan to achieve it.”

Christine P.

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Personalized individual, couples and group coaching programs are offered. 
Dr. Wendy is available for Media interviews and speaking engagements.