Find love in 2018! It’s time for your Happily Ever After!


This free webinar is for you if you are single and you want true love with a partner who is right for you.  If you are tired of relationship disappointment, or if you are confused and discouraged about dating, and finding the right partner seems impossible, sign up now! 


This webinar, Finding Your Happily Ever After, provides essential information for anyone who is single or in a relationship that’s not working. You’ll learn the 10 Principles of Conscious Dating and the 3 Essential Steps you need to follow on your path to true love!


Enjoy the webinar and take the conscious dating quiz inside.  Discover what could sabotage your relationship success, and how to turn things around so you are confident and successful in your life and relationships. 

Enjoy a guided journey to help you get in touch with your vision and feel what it feels like to be living your dream.  Learn what your non-negotiable deal-breakers are and how to make sure they are all met.  Recognize the attitudes, beliefs and past patterns that are holding you back.  Start screening-out instead of screening-in!  Get the support you need to find the love of your life and live happily ever after! 

I spent years trying to turn frogs into princes until I learned the principles of Conscious Dating and met my husband in 2005.  As a psychologist, master relationship and life coach, and personal growth teacher since 1999, I’ve helped hundreds of individuals and couples to transform their lives and create loving relationships. I want to share the principles of Conscious Dating with you, and help you to find the love of your life and live happily ever after!