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Dr. Wendy provides comprehensive ‘True Love Path’ coaching programs for both individuals and couples, and leads ‘True Love Path: Conscious Dating’ courses 2-3 times each year. She also offers occassional intensive coaching days, workshops, seminars, events and retreats. The True Love Path program is a compilation of material, integrated from Dr. Wendy’s various training and experience, especially with the Relationship Coaching Institute.  It is a program that is customized for you if you choose to work together one-on-one, or as a couple.  If you decide to participate in a singles group, you’ll get the structure and support of the group program.  All participants in individual, couples and group coaching receive education and support as they are guided through a series of written and verbal exercises, visualizations, and coaching.

All clients and course participants are guided to identify and eliminate blocks, to clarify their goals and vision for the future and to create an effective plan to manifest the life and relationship they desire.  Most people continue coaching to get support as they are out in the real world dating, to make sure they follow their plan, don’t repeat old patterns, can say no to what doesn’t work and yes to what does!

The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.  Whether you choose to work  together individually or as a couple, we will start with a 1 1/2- 2 hour intake session (either in person or on the telephone), followed by 50 minute sessions weekly or every other week (either in person or on the telephone), for at least 3 months.  If you choose to join a group course, we will generally meet weekly for 90 minutes (either in person or on the telephone).   Expect to spend up to one hour each week doing homework assignments.  Most groups are 12 weeks, and sometimes shorter courses will be offered.  Most clients choose to continue working together for longer periods to get continued support with dating, relationship and life challenges.


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Make a commitment to giving yourself this gift of self-empowerment and relationship success! Show up for your sessions, do the exercises thoroughly, ask questions, and learn to recognize and shift your own limiting beliefs. If you take the time to follow the program, clarify your own vision, truly believe it’s possible, and create an effective plan to manifest the life and relationship you desire, your life and relationships will improve!

You can expect to understand and accept yourself more, to start becoming the person you always wanted to be, to let go of beliefs, people and situations that don’t support you, and to be happier with yourself and your life.  You can expect to have a clear understanding about what you need in a relationship and to start attracting people who are better matches for you.  You can expect to have a clear roadmap to navigate the challenges of dating and relating, to be able to easily steer towards a life you love with the love of your life!

Let’s schedule your complimentary True Love Path Strategy Session. 


[text align=”center” size=”24″ weight=”400″]30 DAY GUARANTEE[/text]

[text align=”left” size=”16″ weight=”200″]“If for any reason you are not satisfied with our work together and you contact me within the first 30 days of starting, I’ll be glad to refund your money.  However, I request that if you ever have an issue or concern, please let me know immediately and I will do everything I can to make sure you are very satisfied with our work together.” — Dr. Wendy

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