Roadmap To SuccessWould you like a free Roadmap to Relationship Success? Learn the seven deadly beliefs that can sabotage you and the seven proven steps to relationship success!


Enjoy your Roadmap to Relationship Success, from International Best-selling Author, Psychologist and Master Relationship Coach, Dr. Wendy Lyon, from her book, Roadmap to Success with Deepak Chopra and Ken Blanchard.

“Dr. Wendy listens to me, she’s present with me.  I feel so inspired and loved.  I feel she truly cares about me, and the suggestions she provides are really practical and helpful.  In a short time, Wendy completely turned me around from doubtful to hopeful. She is the only one I know who really helps people make their dreams come true! Now, I am living an amazing life with my true love!”  - Karen R. Mill Valley, CA



Hello, I’m Dr. Wendy Lyon.  As a master coach, psychologist, personal growth teacher, and mentor for the Relationship Coaching Institute, I provide proven programs for singles and couples that have helped thousands around the world.  I can help you shift from lonely to loved, doubtful to joyful, and from confused to crystal clear! You can live a life you love, with the love of your life!

Personalized individual, couples and group coaching programs are offered. Dr. Wendy is available for Media interviews and speaking engagements.

“I found the love of my life, the man who is now my husband, while working with Dr. Wendy. She coached me in visioning all of the qualities and values I wanted to BE and that I wanted to CHOOSE in a partner. And he came!” – Linda M., Mill Valley, CA