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Would you like to be more confident, gain clarity, connect with ease, and have lasting love? 

Hi, I’m Dr. Wendy Lyon. I invite you to read my Roadmap to Relationship Success from my best-selling book, Roadmap to Success with Deepak Chopra and Ken Blanchard.

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Hello, I’m Dr. Wendy Lyon, psychologist, best-selling author, mentor for the Relationship Coaching Institute and master relationship coach since 1999.

I provide proven programs that have helped thousands of single women and men, and couples around the world.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, I can help you shift from lonely to loved, doubtful to joyful, and from confused to crystal clear!


My single clients are guided to release fears, transform limiting beliefs and gain clarity, confidence and a conscious dating plan that works! Individual clients get support every step of the way to become their best selves, reach their goals and attract ideal partners.

“Dr Wendy is both pragmatic and visionary. She takes you where you are at and brings you where you want to be: with yourself and in partnership. I found the love of my life, now my husband, while working with Dr. Wendy as my relationship coach. She coached me in writing and visioning all of the qualities and values that I wanted to BE and that I wanted to CHOOSE in a partner. And he came!”

Linda M.


“Before we met with Dr. Wendy, I wasn’t feeling heard and we weren’t working together as partners. After coaching with Wendy, we realized how much we love and treasure each other and want to build a future together. We realized that it’s more important to be close than to be right. We are closer now.”

Nancy G.

Couples who work with me learn to make wise decisions, listen deeply to each other, communicate their needs, increase understanding, connect with passion and compassion, and have more fun and joy together. My couples clients rekindle romance and enjoy better relationships.

Dr. Wendy is a master at what she does. She is indeed the Love Doctor. I learned so much more than I expected and did so in a safe, loving and fun manner. I can’t say enough about Dr. Wendy and the positive impact she has had on my Love Life!”

Dr. Gigi Smith

Success Stories

“Dr. Wendy’s Conscious Dating program was very useful in my process of finding my wife, the love of my life.  We have been very happily married over 2 years now, and it just keeps getting better!  We are overjoyed to have found each other.  The course certainly made a major contribution to my readiness and clarity, and greatly increased the efficiency of my dating.  I’m glad to have taken the class, and made some friends among the other attendees, in addition to the ways that it forwarded my search.  I tell my single friends who ask (and many do, after seeing how good a relationship we have) about it.”

Donn D.

“Before working with Dr. Wendy, my relationships were dysfunctional and unfulfilling.  I had a vague idea of what I desired in a healthy, intimate relationship, but none of the real specifics. During her Conscious Dating Course, I learned more about myself and what my needs and desires are for a real-life partnership. Through vision boards, readings, discussions, writing exercises and more, Wendy skillfully and joyfully guided our group closer to realizing true love. After the course, I met the man of my dreams, now my husband, and he fits my vision like a glove. We were in awe (and continue to be) at how accurately he fits my dream and needs. This stuff really works! Thank you Wendy!”

Mary C.

“When I started working with Dr. Wendy, I was doubtful about ever having the kind of intimate relationship I really wanted. A couple months after starting coaching with Wendy, I felt much more confident about creating a loving relationship with a compatible partner. I reconnected with a wonderful woman from my past and this time, I realized that she shares my values and goals. I believed that we could have a completely fulfilling relationship.  Now, she is my life partner, and we have been together for several years.  As a couple, we have found that Wendy’s coaching has helped us deepen our bond and meet challenges when they arise.”

Howard S.

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