Hello, I’m Dr. Wendy Lyon, psychologist, master certified relationship coach, best-selling author and the love doctor for singles and couples since 1999.  I help women and men heal from heartache, overcome fear, gain unshakeable confidence, clarify needs, and find lasting, fulfilling love.  Sometimes, I even get invited to weddings! The couples I work with reconnect with each other, communicate with more care, rekindle romance, and rejuvenate their relationships.

My Conscious Dating group programs are for singles who prefer the camaraderie of group coaching and I also lead workshops and occasional international retreats (Costa Rica and Maui so far – where would you like to go next?) Some of my local clients enjoy “walk and talks” with me in the Marin Hills, and I love combining transformational coaching with hiking in nature.

I’m a mentor for the Relationship Coaching Institute and Love in 90 Days University, so in addition to helping individuals and couples, I also volunteer to train new relationship coaches.  As a keynote speaker, I’ve addressed several Bay Area Singles Conventions, been interviewed on ABC’s View from the Bay (and by other TV, radio, video and print media), and I’m a #1 internationally best-selling author.  My books include ‘Roadmap to Success’ with Deepak Chopra and Ken Blanchard, and ‘Are You the Missing Piece’ which won the Silver E-Literature Award for literary excellence.

Since 1999, I’ve helped thousands of individuals and couples to transform their lives and create loving, lasting marriages and partnerships. Through my coaching and courses, I guide clients to replace fears with clarity, confidence, joy and love. Comprehensive relationship and life coaching for individuals and couples is available, both in-person, in the San Francisco Bay Area, and by telephone and video conference.

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Dr. Wendy listens to me, she’s present with me.  I feel so inspired and loved. I feel she truly cares about me, and the suggestions she provides are really practical and helpful. In a short time, Wendy completely turned me around from doubtful to hopeful. She is amazing! Wendy is the only one I know who really helps people make their dreams come true! Now, I am living an amazing life with my true love!

Karen R.

My Story:

Before I met my husband, I spent many years in “fixer-upper” relationships. I found men who seemed like they’d be good candidates for the long term, if only they changed, and became more interested in marriage and family, more optimistic, or less self-absorbed. I’d try to “fix them up”, which NEVER helped anyone, and I finally learned to accept others just as they are, and to let go of relationships that weren’t working.

Meanwhile, I received my doctorate in Psychology from the University of California, was a College Professor in North Carolina, climbed to the top of Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, traveled the world, and led educational expeditions in the Caribbean, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. While teaching personal development, self-empowerment courses, and training at three Coaching Institutes, I learned the principles of Conscious Dating. 

With increased confidence and clarity, I applied these principles to my own life, and met and married my wonderful husband, Steve, in 2005. He has been my rock through a variety of challenges (including breast cancer), and I truly appreciate his devotion and support. Together, we are enjoying raising our energetic young son in beautiful Marin County, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

I’m grateful for the life and love I have, and my mission is to help you create a life you love with the love of your life!


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What People Are Saying

Dr. Wendy is a master at what she does. She is indeed the Love Doctor. I learned so much more than I expected and did so in a safe, loving and fun manner. I can’t say enough about Dr. Wendy and the positive impact she has had on my Love Life!”

Dr. Gigi Smith

“Sometimes in life we all get “stuck” and need some guidance and support to get us through a difficult time. Working with Dr Wendy Lyon has allowed me to reach a place within that created the shift I needed. She has a unique ability to “listen” and “understand” creating dialogue for true introspection. She is a true treasure in my life and her support fills my heart with JOY!

Teri S.

“Dr. Wendy helped me focus on what’s important in my life, and apply the specific actions I needed to take to facilitate change and achieve my vision…and I’m so happy now! Wendy is so warm, helpful and good at what she does, and I highly recommend her as a coach.

Dee D.

“Working with Dr. Wendy has been an extremely rewarding experience for me.  I was struggling with very debilitating grief and depression over the loss of my parents and was completely stuck in a state of despair.   Her unshakable positive attitude and insightful guidance have helped me recover to a very high degree.  After working with Dr. Wendy, I am now feeling better than ever about the future, and my relationships, home and career are better than ever before in my adult life.  Wendy is a remarkably effective coach who always seems to be able to assess her client’s needs accurately and is able to give them insightful and effective guidance.  The best part about her is that she doesn’t just talk the talk……she walks the walk.  Her own empowered and positive nature comes through in her work and she is able to coach her clients to employ these techniques in order to achieve the success that they want…….in whatever area of life they are being challenged with.  My decision to work with Wendy was one of the best choices that I’ve ever made and I highly encourage anyone who is struggling to find their path to success to give her a call.

Scott C.

“I so appreciate the work that you do and the beautiful energy and spirit you bring to our world.”

Philip W.

I found Wendy to be welcoming, comfortable to be with, and…I was free to be myself. Wendy’s friendly persistence has inspired me… I spent 74 years concerned about what other people think, and now I realize that what I think is more important than what anyone else thinks! I’ve learned that our lives are our own and I can be responsible for my own life. Now, I can affirm myself and not be dependent on others for affirmation. This gives me the freedom to be myself. I’ve learned to live in the moment and appreciate the moments. I don’t have to delay happiness for some future time. Why not be happy right this minute?! Problems come up, but now I can choose to change my mind about what I’m thinking. I can think about things in different ways. There’s always an alternative path. I can choose my path.”

Marie W.

Wendy is one of the most positive, inspirational people I know. She lives life joyfully and passionately, and is dedicated to helping others do the same.”

Maya D.

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