Could this be your year to find your soulmate and enjoy love that lasts? Maybe you’ve been hibernating and you’re getting ready to come out of your cave. If you’re like many singles, you’ve been feeling isolated and now you may want to charge ahead, slap a profile online and get involved with the first attractive person you find.

STOP in the name of love! If you really want to find a compatible life partner, you need to SLOW down, assess your situation and let go of anything that’s stopping you FIRST.


Why should you slow down when you’re feeling lonely and you’re in a hurry to find the one? Because you want to find the right one for you! Most people say that their relationships are more important to them than anything else in their lives, yet many rush into romance when there’s a spark, and end up disappointed. Before jumping or falling into your next liaison, take a breath, and take a look at your life.

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