Spring Into Love

Do you want to find a great partner but feel frustrated, doubtful, or confused about dating?

Would you like more confidence, clarity, and a path to lasting love?

Join us for our free online workshop:
Spring into Love with Confidence and Clarity 


In this comprehensive 2-hour workshop, we’ll explore challenges that hold you back from love, and effective ways to spring forward toward the life and love you want.  You’ll want to stay for the whole workshop to:

  • Identify your best qualities and show up as your most radiant self.
  • Examine limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from love. 
  • Learn how to turn off the critical voice that says you’re not good enough and love won’t happen for you.  
  • Decide what you want to Do, Be and Have to move closer to the love you want.
  • Get clearer about your Vision – Envision your perfect day.
  • Uncover destructive relationship patterns that stop you from love.
  • Explore Relationship Requirements and Needs
  • Set a Clear Love Intention
  • Learn Conscious Dating Strategies
  • Get Online Profile Tips
  • Learn the 3 Secrets to Finding Lasting Love
  • Learn About the Conscious Dating Group Program: The Path to Lasting Love

Hi, I’m your workshop guide, Dr. Wendy Lyon, PhD, Psychologist, Master Certified Relationship Coach, Certified Clear Beliefs Coach and Best-Selling Author with Deepak Chopra. I’m a mentor for the Relationship Coaching Institute and I’ve been helping individuals and couples to transform their lives and create great relationships since 1999.  

It’s your turn! Yes, you can have the life you love with the love of your life!

    Dr. Wendy inspired me to ask for what I really wanted. I met the most amazing man online during a pandemic! We are so happy that we found each other, and we’re excited about our future together.”

    Siobhan B.

    I look forward to connecting with you!

    A few complimentary love consultations are available.

    This is your opportunity to:

    • Clarify your personal and relationship goals
    • Identify blocks that stop you from love, and
    • Take a step toward the life you love with the love of your life!
    • We offer personalized individual, couple, and group coaching programs.