Coaching for individuals includes a personalized guided journey of exploration and discovery, empowerment and transformation. We will uncover anything that is blocking you from love and eliminate doubts and fears in your way.  You will gain tools and awareness to feel empowered, confident and supported on your path to true love and personal fulfillment. This will change your life for the better forever!

During the coaching process, you’ll clarify your vision for the future, so that it reflects your highest values, and you will identify the criteria that are essential for your ideal relationship.  Enjoy guidance every step of the way as you create and implement an effective plan that allows you to become the self you want to be, and attract a partner who is a true match for you.

Individual coaching is also available for those in a relationship who want support to become their best selves and either leave the relationship or make changes for the better.


“Dr. Wendy knows how to bring out the best in me. With her guidance, I was able to change my life.  I’ve gone from feeling fearful to feeling loved.”

Susan E.

On your coaching journey you will:

  • Identify and eliminate fears and limiting beliefs that have blocked you from love and joy

  • Clarify your vision for the future, your highest values and your life purpose

  • Receive tools to be fully empowered and confident in all areas of your life

  • Understand your relationship history and patterns and how to make better choices

  • Identify your essential relationship requirements, needs and wants

  • Create an effective plan to be your best self and attract your ideal partner

  • Get ongoing support to create a life you love with the love of your life!

Individual coaching is for you if you prefer personal attention and in-depth exploration of your unique situation and solutions.  Individual coaching programs are available by phone, video conference and in person in the San Francisco Bay Area (including walk and talk sessions in the Marin Hills).  

If you prefer the camaraderie of a group, check out the group coaching programs for singles.


“Dr. Wendy has helped me balance my life and focus on what matters to me.  I’m happier and more confident, and everyone is noticing the difference in me.

Leslie L.


Love Sonnets

“After coaching with Dr. Wendy, I met the love of my life! Interestingly enough, I looked at the sheet I made while we worked together, and she looked at one she made around the same time and we both checked off every single thing on each other’s list!”

Jacob J.

“My time with Dr.Wendy is invaluable in that she helps me identify solutions in me.”

Chante F.

“After working with you, I finally met the man I have yearned and prayed for.  He is such a blessing.  We moved in together last month…He meets the requirements I listed; he shares my values; he respects and appreciates me.  I enjoy him so much and find him to be beyond anything I could have imagined.  I thank you for your contribution to this wonderful miracle.  I am sooooo happy!  It goes to show that it’s never too late (I just turned 66!!)”

Esther W.

“Working with Dr. Wendy has been a pleasurable experience, as well as life-changing in positive ways. Her extensive knowledge, coupled with her positive and professional attitude, have made continued progress seem effortless — and fun. She’s helped me to clarify my thinking and has guided me successfully through a number of difficult transitions. So many positive changes and transformations have happened in an almost effortless manner!  I consider it well worth the time and money — an excellent investment.

David D.

Dr. Wendy, in a supportive, gentle way creates forward movement in my life. Big changes occur in a way that’s easy to receive them, so they are not disruptive; rather they are enhancing! Wendy has a new and different perspective to meeting challenges of personal growth and relationships that really works for me. It’s a pleasure working with her! I was so resistant in the beginning and I quickly opened with her strong acceptance and the exercises she used, which really broke through my resistance. My life is really coming together. Now, I’m having an authentic relationship unlike relationships I’ve had in the past. I’m more comfortable with myself and having a lot more fun!”

Merry B.

Ready to Make a Change?

Personalized individual, couples and group coaching programs are offered. 
Dr. Wendy is available for Media interviews and speaking engagements.